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I am blessed to pursue beauty and creativity with a passion. Traveling to Italy and France is like studying with a master each time. A simple walk on a dusty road to discover an abandoned stone house makes a memory that lingers forever. I love the soft light at dusk on a crumbling old wall. It’s shadows and shades stay with me long after that walk.

This is a picture a Tuscan countryside.       Click here to see more images of trips to Italy and France where I am inspired by the shadows, shades & textures of Old Europe.

Architehtural Objects




Mixed Media Canvas

Commissioned Artwork

Faux - Patina - Fresco 

What's the difference?

In a nutshell....Patina & Fresco add dimension & texture.

Fresco and Fresco Secco…from the Latin/Italian
The technic and art of painting on wet & dry plaster with dry or moist pigment.

Patina…from the Latin/Italian


Ornamental value.  Organic.. perfectly/imperfect beauty.


Fake,  fabricated,  imitation,  unreal,  contrived and unreal.


At Studio Antica,we continue to explore and perfect our craft to bring the very best to our clients.  We look forward to hearing from you!.

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Offering The Art, Patina and Textures of  Old Europe
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